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Polycarbonate is a very popular glazing material for conservatory roofs as it is lightweight, durable and exceptionally strong – up to 200 times stronger than glass and virtually shatterproof. All polycarbonates work to lessen the glare and heat from the sun to ensure that your conservatory can be as comfortable as possible all year round.

UCS polycarbonate is available in a wide range of specifications, colours and thicknesses, to suit your budget, your chosen conservatory colour and the position and orientation of the conservatory.

The range benefits from

• Testing to Class 1 Spread of Flame Protection
• 10 year warranty for light transmission and breakage • Superb thermal efficiency and strength due to the multi-wall construction

The standard range of polycarbonates is 25mm or 35mm in thickness, with a colour choice of clear, bronze, opal, bronze/opal and solarguard. All are designed to reduce glare and minimise solar heat gain. Bronze/ Opal gives a bright internal appearance even on a dull day, reduces solar heat gain and provides privacy. Solarguard limits the potential for heat build-up within the conservatory, whilst allowing light to enter the roof, deflecting solar radiation and reducing solar heat gain by up to 50%, when compared with conventional polycarbonates.


A roof window installation does not require any serious con- struction changes to the roof (only the cutting of battens). The width of the window usually matches the space between the rafters and makes the installation quite simple. The window installation does not require the building of additional walls or buying additional building materials which will increase the construction weight and the cost.
There are special flashings offered, which are essential for the tight connection of the window to the roof with all kinds of roofing materials. In the package, there are window fitting instructions which enable you to install the window with the use of simple tools. Placing the window in the roof surface in- creases the angle of light entering the room and consequently enhances the level of illumination. Tests have proved that up to 50% more light enters the room than through a vertical win- dow of the same size.

To summarise, a roof window is a much more advantageous solution in comparison with the dormer because of:
— smaller consumption of materials, is much lighter and

cheaper; around 60-70%;
— the roof window installation is fast (takes 2- 4 hours) and

simple and does not require the use of complicated tools — enhances room illumination by up to 50%;
— decreases heat loss of the building in comparison with the dormer’s external construction walls.

It is much easier to secure water tightness when applying standard flashings with the roof window than when preparing and installing hand made and complicated dormer flashings.

The roof window illuminates the room and should be situated in the best possible place according to the user’s requirements. The roof window can be installed in places where the dormer installation, because of its construction, is not possible.

The roof window can also be installed in various combinations gaining optimal illumination of the room, whereas in the case of a dormer this effect is dissipated.

Types of Roof Windows:

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