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Polycarbonate is a very popular glazing material for conservatory roofs as it is lightweight, durable and exceptionally strong – up to 200 times stronger than glass and virtually shatterproof. All polycarbonates work to lessen the glare and heat from the sun to ensure that your conservatory can be as comfortable as possible all year round.

UCS polycarbonate is available in a wide range of specifications, colours and thicknesses, to suit your budget, your chosen conservatory colour and the position and orientation of the conservatory.


A roof window installation does not require any serious con- struction changes to the roof (only the cutting of battens). The width of the window usually matches the space between the rafters and makes the installation quite simple. The window installation does not require the building of additional walls or buying additional building materials which will increase the construction weight and the cost.

Types of Roof Windows:

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