Vertical Sliders

Our vertical sliding windows are a perfect combination of traditional style, authentic finishing and modern efficiency. With many houses in Ireland still retaining their original wooden sliding box sash windows, and homeowners wanting to conserve the traditional appearance of their properties, our vertical sliding windows can help you take advantage of this profitable market opportunity.

At the same time, vertical sliding windows are perfect for introducing a period feel into a modern home.

Traditional looks and modern benefits

UCS is a fabricator of high quality Spectus uPVC vertical sliding windows which replicate the traditional look of timber box sash windows whilst eliminating all the problems associated with wood like rotting, warping and twisting. These windows are also more practical, thanks to the tilt sash function, which facilitates cleaning from the inside.

Thermally efficient (A rating) and highly secure, our precision engineered vertical sliding windows have been designed to deliver excellent performances and a smooth, effortless operation.

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