UCS supply a wide range of glass from energy efficient glazing, self-cleaning glass, decorative glazing such as spandrel options to suit most build glazing requirements. Whether it is for a curtain walling commercial project, a self-build project or school we have many options to suit your needs.test

Product Features

Our various windows systems have been developed with energy efficiency at the forefront of our manufacturing systems.  Our aluminium systems can offer as low as 0.9 combined U-Value when using our Triple Glazing systems.  From A+ glazing options to triple glazing that provides 0.6u-value UCS can provide you the energy efficient glazing at competitive rates.

Contact us to discuss your needs or requirements.

Picture of Triple Glazing cross section would be ideal with energy loss

UCS can offer noise control reductions whether it be from railways, roads or aircraft our noise control glazing options. The careful and considered selection of glass can be crucial in helping to reduce noise level and meet noise requirements.

This can be done via different methods such as increasing glass thicknesses, using acoustic laminated glass and increasing the gap between the panes.  Contact us for more advice.

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UCS are Ireland’s leading conservatory roof manufacturer offering self-cleaning glazing options for our installers to offer when installing a conservatory or integrated roof glazing to your home. The coating on the glass is activated by UV light which breaks down the organic dirt.  Rain washes the dirt off the glass, a complex process made simple for the homeowner.  Variations on pitch and shading can make a difference so feel free to ask for advice.

Whether it is for protection from accidental injury or to meet Secure By Design standard to combat theft, UCS are here to help with advice on safety glazing. As per building regulations it is important to ensure safety glazing is used within doors and other critical glazed areas. UCS personnel are here to help with advice.

UCS can offer cornerless frame glazing options and glass to glass glazing within the various aluminium glazing systems.  Ideal for the “Grand Design” or shaped glazing for the home extension, ask us for more information or send us plans to review.

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